RT: Of Inventions and Innovations.

Of invention and innovation.

Way back in 1987, I was introduced to the world of computers when my father brought home an Apple Macintosh 512K. I started word processing, drawing and playing games on the computer, using keyboard and mouse via the Graphical User Interface (GUI).

After the Apple was fried due to incompatible voltage (110V for US vs 220V for UK) after moving the computer to another country, my family bought the 286XT, which was later upgraded to 286AT, then 386, and went straight to Pentium V.

I became an Apple user after Steve Jobs introduced the iPad in 2010. Before that, I was very anti-Apple. I even bought myself a Samsung Galaxy S because it looks like the iPhone, functions like the iPhone, but it is not the Apple iPhone.

Back then, the netbook was the trend setting IT gadget, sacrificing processing power and battery life (it was actually Microsoft Vista’s fault, honestly speaking) for mobility. Macbook Air came but the price tag means they are not competing with each other under the same category. I actually blogged about a Dell netbook and ridiculed the Macbook Air for its price.

And then the iPad changed my world.

Today, the list of Apple products that I have owned (or still owns) includes:
1. Apple Macintosh 512K
2. Apple ImageWriter II
3. Apple iPod Nano
4. Apple iPad
5. Apple MacBook Air
6. Apple iPad 2
7. Apple iPod mini
8. Apple iPad mini
9. Apple iPhone 5

Over the years, I slowly began to appreciate what Apple stands for. Apple is never about invention, it is all about innovation.

Apple was not the first company to invent GUI, mouse point-and-click and all-in-one computer (the Macintosh 512K). However, they are the company that combines them seamlessly and brought it to the mainstream (a pretty niche mainstream actually).

They were not the first to put songs and musics videos (iPod mini and iPod Nano) into a portable device, but they were the ones who created a mass market for it. Apple is the one that truly revolutionised digital media.

iPhone was not the first phone to be connected to the Internet, but they have done it right with the Apps and App Store framework. We also have to remember that iPad was developed long before iPhone was conceptualised.

Steve Jobs is truly visionary. In his own words, “Great Artist Steals”. Innovation is about putting good ideas together to make them great. While people may yell and scream that Apple lacks originality, at the end of the day it is the end result that matters, which is, a truly game-changing product.

The price we are paying for them? It is worth every single cent spent. If you ever manage to pay half the price for something that is half decent of an equivalent Apple product, do let me know, because I have not found anything close to it.

By the way, I last checked the prices for Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One, they are both more expensive than the iPhone 5.

Random Thoughts. The Beginning.

Random thoughts.

When we are awake, there are streams of thoughts running through our conscious mind. But how often do we gather our thoughts, organise them, and turn the ideas into something productive?

Often, we let those great ideas pass us by, which might have led to great achievements, because we did not put in effort to write them down and cultivate them.

Lots of great ideas that I might have over the years have turned into inventions that have changed how people live and how they get things done, because someone else have made that extra effort to develop the thought that stroke them.

I need to stop procrastinating and do things that matter. Draft is going to be the tool to finally get me started.