This blog got screwed again …

And I have to rebuild my blog from scratch again. Not to say that I have built much in the past. Yet it is very annoying to have the entries that I have written previously to be wiped out. All thanks to myself trying to change the themes of this wordpress blog to something more attractive.

However, I do see this as a blessing in disguise. I got stuck with my blog, not knowing how I should continue with writing about life, love, passion and fun. I do not have enough interesting things happen around me to brag (er, I meant blog) about.

From now onwards, I will be posting more Creative Writing entries. The initials CW will be included in the title of the entries. The articles may be written in English or in Chinese, depending on my mood while writing. Or perhaps I would include English translations on my Chinese pieces. Hopefully I will start to get some regular readers. Until then, enjoy life.

Life filled with Love and Passion is Fun!