Random Thoughts. The Beginning.

Random thoughts.

When we are awake, there are streams of thoughts running through our conscious mind. But how often do we gather our thoughts, organise them, and turn the ideas into something productive?

Often, we let those great ideas pass us by, which might have led to great achievements, because we did not put in effort to write them down and cultivate them.

Lots of great ideas that I might have over the years have turned into inventions that have changed how people live and how they get things done, because someone else have made that extra effort to develop the thought that stroke them.

I need to stop procrastinating and do things that matter. Draft is going to be the tool to finally get me started.

Author: aacee

Andrew Choo. Not a tuition teacher. Not a lawyer. Not a business owner from USA. Not an author who has published books. Just a simple person who thinks that 'life filled with love and passion is fun!'.

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