Random Time Killing Post

It’s been a looong while since I last logged in to my own website. Besides the usual tweet updates on the side bar, this site has been stagnant since May.

Not that I am going to revive this site anytime soon, but just trying to kill some time in between waiting.

Also I am trying to drain my phone battery by doing all sort of stuffs that I normally do on a full fledge computer. So here I am writing this entry while also keeping tweetdeck running in the background. By the way, I am using HSDPA and signal here is pretty weak so it has to keep switching between 3G and 3.5G.

Also I forgot to mention that this is a 4 incher Super AMOLED screen. I have successfully consumed 3-4% of the battery since writing.

Ok enough of the thumb jabbing on virtual keyboard. Definitely going to suffer when I grow older.

Signing off now. Hope to have a proper update before 2011 arrives.

Take care.

Author: aacee

Andrew Choo. Not a tuition teacher. Not a lawyer. Not a business owner from USA. Not an author who has published books. Just a simple person who thinks that 'life filled with love and passion is fun!'.

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