A Letter to MJ

Michael Jackson
Michael Joseph Jackson (August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009)

Dear Michael,

It is almost two months that you have unexpectedly left us. When you announced your farewell concert in London ‘This Is It’, we are all looking forward to an unforgettable curtain call. Even though I was not able to attend the concert, I was hoping to at least get a DVD of the concert when it is released. However, now we are all left with just THE final performance of yours, to be released in cinema on 30th October 2009.

It all started when I bought my first English album and was introduced to a world of pop music, and met the King of Pop. You potrayed a Bad image for the album, pretended to be the Smooth Criminal, and even boasted about the Dirty Diana. But you did not forget to remind us to make a change starting from the Man In The Mirror. I still remember that I listened to the tape so much that it was eventually spoilt.

I still Remember The Time when your Dangerous album was released, I bought both the tape and the CD, which was a relatively new technology back then. I even bought a CD player just to listen to your songs so that the tape would not get Jammed due to long hours of playback. After your previous album, you have undergone some changes and sometimes it made me wonder if you are Black Or White, but that did not matter as long as your songs are nice. There will be things that you want to keep In The Closet, and we will all Keep The Faith in you. When you asked all of us, Will You Be There, the answer will be ‘YES’!

You followed up with the album HIStory, with so many songs that became my all time favourite. Your version of Charlie Chaplin’s Smile is my favourite song. You fought back at the people who tried so hard to tarnish your image by saying that They Don’t Really Care About Us. You Are Not Alone, Michael. When you feel like Screaming, we will always Come Together and scream with you, along with the Little Susie and The Stranger In Moscow.

In the new millenium, after a very long wait, you finally released your final all new album. I had Butterflies in my stomach when I found out about it. Your album is so nice it has proven that as the King of Pop, you are Invincible. You Rock My World whenever your song is on the radio. Your songs start my day at the Break of Dawn, when I wake up and prepare for school, and it was your songs that I listen before I go to sleep.

When us fans found out that you are dead, we tried our best not to Cry as we thought you were Unbreakable and Heaven Can Wait. A lot of us pleaded to you Don’t Walk Away, because to a lot of us, You Are My Life. However, we have slowly learnt to accept the fact that you are gone. Rest in peace Michael, and we want you to know that Whatever Happens,  you will always live inside our heart.

From your life-long fan,

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