The unMysterious Disappearance of Andrew Choo

Hello again. It has been a while since I last blogged. One month and nineteen days to be exact. So what happened between these forty-nine days of my disappearance? A lot.

First of all, if you happen to follow my blog, and eventually gave up due to me not updating it as frequent as I have promised, please accept my most sincere apology. It was not my fault. Blame it on my web hosting provider, and blame it on wordpress. Ha ha. No, serious. The very last time when I wanted to update my Monday Blues series, I encountered some technical problem. I could not upload anything to my server. WordPress keeps telling me it failed to upload.

After trying different solutions that was posted on the Internet, except for setting permissions 777 for my uploading folders, I gave up. The very last time I set permission 777 to a folder on my website, my website got hacked and was turned into a phishing/pharming site. I was not aware of that until I received a serious warning letter from a bank in America.

At first I thought it was some kind of joke, but after checking my website folders, I was shocked to find out that I was running a phishing site. The phishing site that was hosted here, in simple words, is a fake online banking login page. I believe the hacker has collected a number of login details, to the extent that the bank’s IT guys noticed that and kindly asked me to remove the illegal site before reporting to the authority.

Soon after, my site’s IP address has been blacklisted by a number of DNS (domain name servers) and I have trouble sometimes to login to my site or to check my emails. It was very frustrating and eventually I wrote to my web hosting provider and asked them to move my site to another IP address, which they kindly did promptly, free of charge.

But that did not solve my wordpress problem. The trick that did it was, to create a new uploads folder, set permissions to 755 and try to upload a file via wordpress. If that works, copy the entire contents of the old uploads folder to the new one and continue blogging!

Well, that did not take me almost one and a half month to solve, it is just that I was occupied by other things. I went for job interviews and finally landed myself a job that I am happy with. In between that, I spent most of my time with my beloved because once I start this new job, I will not have much time for her. Not to mention time to blog.

However, I will try to keep my Monday Blues running as usual, and post short but frequent updates in the future. Until my next post. Take care. See you soon. 🙂

p.s. While I was AWOL, one of my favourite entertainer, Michael Jackson, has unfortunately passed away. I was looking forward to his last rounds of concerts but seems like Heaven Can’t Wait. Check back soon, I will post a tribute to MJ this weekend.

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