Monday Blues Series – The Rainbow Week

Ok, ok, I am late for this entry. Reason? I was struck down by a criminal called ‘Monday Blues’. Yeah, I am lame. This entry would be even more lame.

Let’s get back to the topic. I am sure you all know that rainbows have seven colours, which is, from top to bottom, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. How would it be like to associate the days of the week with rainbow colours?

RainbowFirst of all, the beginning of the working week is Monday, and we all know Monday is associated to the blue colour, because we have Monday Blues. The colour is also associated to our mood, therefore on Mondays we feel blue.

Tuesdays make our mood a little better and we feel greener. Our work rate begins to pick up and slowly gathering pace.

Wednesday, it is already the middle of the working week, and we are all looking forward to Friday. Things began to heat up a bit, and we are performing at the most effective level as we want to complete our tasks and enjoy the Friday without having to work overtime. Therefore, it’s Wednesday Yellow.

Thursday, the day before Friday, is what we all look forward to whole week long. Thursday Orange.

The day is finally here! Hooray! RED HOT Friday!

Usually our Friday mood will be extended over into Saturday, therefore we get a mix of red and blue, resulting in a Violet Saturday. By the way, it is VIOLET, not VIOLEnT.

Sunday, a day when we should take a good rest and prepare ourselves for the new week ahead, we have to keep our mind clear and our body fresh. Water is the most cleansing matter of all matters. Thus, Sunday is Indigo.

And now who says that our week cannot be colourful?


Monday Blues Series is aimed at lighting up your Mondays when you reluctantly drag yourself to work. It will be a series of pictures, jokes, or light articles that will, hopefully, bring some life into you. Stay tuned every Monday at 9 a.m. (Malaysian time, +0800 GMT) for my Monday Blues Series.

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