Random Thoughts 090402

It was April Fools yesterday. I did not get pranked but my car’s speedo died on me.

It is quite a challenge driving without a speedo because we have traffic police with their speed guns stationed at all sort of weird places that people will unknowingly exceed the limit unless they drive with their eyes on the speedo, not the road. Therefore it is never safe to follow the speed of other cars, and it means I have to drive EXTRA slow.

That is why I am blogging from my phone now. After sending my beloved this morning, I went straight to the service center. They made we wait for 30 minutes and eventually tell me to go to another service center because they do not have the replacement part in stock. So then I arrived here at 1030hrs.

After being attended to and typed in the information to the computer, I was told that I can get my car back at 1200hrs. Since I have no one to fetch me, I waited at the service center. My car was sitting in the same position until 1130hrs! The time now is 1225hrs and my car is inside the workshop (finally!) and people are working on it. Now I wonder when I can get my car fixed.

On another note, there are a few things I want to blog about, so I am going to list it down before I forget:
1) Events that took place on 090328
2) What you see in the ads are not what you get in Pizza Hut
3) The home-made steamboat dinner that was supposed to be my birthday dinner
4) Two movie reviews: Confession of a shopaholic and Slumdog Millionaire
5) Two forwarded emails that is worth sharing with you all.
Now I have enough materials to cover my blog for the next two week. I just have to write it out.

More updates to come…

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