FWD: Comic – The Break Up – Repaying the bloody debt…

My beloved forwarded me a comic strip and said that I will love it because I am lame enough to laugh out loud. Well, I am lame enough to even share this with you guys. Heh heh!  Have a good laugh! 🙂

Bloody Break Up

Due to the size of the strip, I had to shrink it and thus the words are not too clear. Here is the conversation between the G(irl) and the B(oy).

G : Zakk, I think we should break up.
B : What!?

B : After all we’ve been through you want to break up!?

B : I even donated my blood to save your life and this is how you repay me!?

G : I’m sorry, Zakk … but I just don’t love you anymore … 

B : Then give me back my blood.


G : Fine.

G : Here’s my tampon. I’ll pay you monthly.


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